Music for Events

Music for Events

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Music is actually an essential to the success of your party…Private events, business events: music can’t be neglected, furthermore, it must be planned carefully and on a professional basis. Music makes the difference, it makes people feel comfortable, accompanies the most important moments and…it creates the right ATMOSPHERE!

Music in your event can be the CLOU of the evening, or it can just accompany your guests as a discrete background.

profile of your guests will be important just to choose the right sound. The music event has to be able to underline every emotion without intrusiveness, creating the desired atmosphere and make every guest feel the protagonist of the evening.


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Some Tips for you

how long before you have to reserve the date to make sure the availability?

WEDDING : 1 year before is great for hot seasons! But.. you can try it anyway at any time

CORPORATE or Other PARTY: 2 or 3 month before it's better.

Can we trust to Valentina to provide and coordinate our wedding or Event music? 
She has been providing music for hundreds of weddings and events in the last few years, for customers of every nationality. Italian or International music, jazz, pop, and rock&soul, Disco Bands... She  provided almost any kind of wedding music ! Her customers' feedback speaks for her.

Are her musicians reliable and professional?
Yes, of course. Valentina only choose professional musicians who are talented, reliable, and courteous.

Is Her audio equipment up to date?
Yes, of course. Her equipment is up to date, and it is mantained properly, and tested at the beginning of the work season, and before leaving for each gig. She has a service available.

Is it difficult to arrange our wedding music remotely, via email or phone?
Most of the music she provides is arranged by email and/or phone. It works like a charm. And if you like you can meet in person when you are here, shortly before the wedding, to firm up plans.

Can we make requests that are not in your repertoire?
Yes of course.  Please note: All requests and songlists have to be sent at least 30 days before the event.  She can plan the music for the ceremony and for the reception with you!

What is SIAE?
SIAE is the italian royalty tax on live perfomances (including DJ sets). SIAE goes from approximately 100 to approximately 300 euro, depending on the kind of act and venue, number of guests, and other factors.

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