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Satisfying a general manager is something not easy to do.

A private client can plan their event dreaming with open eyes, according to their own tastes and desires. On the other hand, a business man has to plan every detail, considering the budget, logistics, organization...without renouncing to the elegance and the creativity typical of those kind of institutional events.

During years of experience I met and I worked with a lot of people who gave me great inspiration for what concerns CREATIVITY.

This allowed me to work in different, strange, luxurious, particular places..with breath-taking settings. I had the opportunity of letting my own creativity come out and today I am proud to offer you my competences to create a MUSICAL CONCEPT to offer my clients: not only a singer, but also a MUSIC PLANNER,  offering you a high quality performance.

For what concerns business events guests usually expect a lively atmosphere, hoping to have a good time. This is actually fundamental if your event is planned to make people enjoy the working environment and feel more united.

What about FORMAL business events? They require a more soft, elegant sound, which must be able to create a pleasant and amusing atmosphere.

Every business event is one and only, which means that everything has to be planned carefully. It is necessary to choose the right musicians who have to be quite adaptable and versatile, understanding the audience and their tastes, but also following the directions of the organization. This is necessary to offer you and your guests the right kind of music for the event.

Not only Music ...

The Idea more

My main purpose is to offer you “creative”-themed evenings, in addition to musical entertainment, letting your guests enjoy the unique atmosphere of their travel in Italy.

Wine, Fashion, Music and food ... the program will be designed for you to measure!

Pleasant and amusing experiences, with typical products MADE in ITALY

.. to bring a special Italian Luxury Experience with you to tell your friends!


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