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Como Destination Wedding band: International & italian music‎!


Discover all the musical proposals for your special Event!

Como Destination Wedding band

International & italian music‎!

Como Destination Wedding band

Cover in Jazz, Swing and Pop for a elegant Welcome cocktail, Italian classic atmosphere for dinner, Pop, dance and Revival for the party! Don’t miss it, It’s your wedding!!!! International live band based in Italy, specialising in exclusive wedding & events. We play everywhere in UE. professional musicians. Free quote.

About me

Are you planning an incredible destination wedding in Como Italy? Want to guarantee it’s the wedding celebration you’ve always dreamed of?

Valentina Mey live band - the italian wedding's band - como destination wedding band

The beautiful countryside, lrelax lake, pleasant climate and excellent cuisine and wine are just some of the factors that make Como such a popular destination for tying the knot.

I’m Valentina Mey, italian professional singer  specialize in music entertainment for special party and wedding!

In general, couples who head to Como lake  for a destination wedding want a band that plays covers of British and American pop, jazz and swing, funk and soul, Dance and …. ITALIAN MUSIC SELECTION too!!


Music Details

Como Destination Wedding band can propose you:

We absolutely love a destination wedding. Beautiful scenery, balmy temperatures, outdoor spaces and relaxed guests that want to party all night! We are lucky to live here in Italy and we know which you are looking for the incredible weddings here in Como.

I know how you like to party, and we can propose four different music set for your wedding in italy.

  • romantic cerimony

  • elegant aperitif with lounge music and jazzy music

  • Dinner show with Italian music selection

  • Dance set for the party after cake

I know how difficult it is to organize a wedding abroad, so we will follow you step by step, from your first enquiry all the way to your big day.

scenographic Dress

Italian Fabric

Do you want to impress your guests in a splendid location for wedding in Como Lake and surprise them?

In addition to our proposal of live music, also choose the scenographic skirts for the aperitif or the cutting of the cake … they will all be amazed!


I can organize the entire musical entertainment for your wedding day, from the ceremony to the party, always bespoke. You can chose from duo, trio, quartet, band and dj set after live show. For information on the band set-up, fees and what we can provide on the day!


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Discover all the musical proposals for your special Event!