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The Italian Wedding’s Band: ENQUIRE NOW!


Discover all the musical proposals for your special Event!

The Italian Wedding's Band: ENQUIRE NOW!

The Italian Wedding's Band

Live the Dolce Vita moment for your wedding day

choose elegance and style like italian

enjoy with us and your special guests with the italian wedding's band!

The Italian Wedding's Band : About me

​I'm Valentina, and with the Italian  wedding's band  I can give you the feeling of a real Italian wedding. Our music is the perfect soundtrack for a day of gorgeous food and wine, whether... in the hills of Tuscany or Langhe, or by the seaside in Sorrento or Wedding in Liguria, in the city of Rome, Venice or Florence, wedding on the Como Lake and Maggiore Lake.


The italain wedding's band - 4 different music sets

I know how you like to party, and we can propose four different music set for your wedding in italy.

The italian wedding's band can propose:

  • romantic cerimony

  • elegant aperitif with lounge music and jazzy music

  • Dinner show with Italian music selection

  • Dance set for the party after cake

I know how difficult it is to organize a wedding abroad, so we will follow you step by step, from your first enquiry all the way to your big day.

Valentina Mey live band - the italian wedding's band - como destination band


The Italian Wedding's Band puts together a show that involves your friends and family and makes them feel a part of your memorable day... My music caters for young and old alike, and is great to dance and sing-a-long to.

Chose you italian wedding band, enjoy with Us!


I can organize the entire musical entertainment for your wedding day, from the ceremony to the party, always bespoke. You can chose from duo, trio, quartet, band and dj set after live show. For information on the band set-up, fees and what we can provide on the day

intrattenimento per eventi milano - the italian wedding band - singer

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Discover all the musical proposals for your special Event!