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Entertainment for Expo 2015 Events : Music Flavour!


Discover all the musical proposals for your special Event!

Entertainment for Expo 2015 Events: Musical Flavour

italian wedding singer
The core theme of Expo Milano 2015 for Italy’s Pavillon will be nutrition, but accompanied by the various forms of art, of which we Italians are proud masters!

Entertainment for Expo 2015 Events

Feeding Art( Alimentare l’Arte): here is the ambitious project of the city of Milano which sums up and combines – playing with an Italian pun – Food as an artistic expression and Art as tasting and sensory fulfillment …

This project implies appraising music, a form of art able to approach the complex theme of nutrition from a cultural, environmental, historical and anthropological standpoint.

Feeding Music is one of the themes of this big global event which is worth a great deal of attention !

Having been dealing with live music all over Italy and entertainment for Expo 2015, I do believe it is fascinating to pick peculiarities and details – which have made our food famous all over the world – enhancing it with music…
proposing themes and customized evenings.

With Expo 2015 ideas take shape. .. Our artistic treasures are too important not to be valued by those, like me, who try every day to propose not only entertainment but also small experiences able to convey the true Italian flavor through emotions.

In view of the next great event Expo 2015, I am not only offering musical concerts as its framework , but an actual complete musical journey through the excellences of Made in Italy, reminiscent of our most important values….”flavored and seasoned” with music – serious or light according to the moment.

The aim is that of uniting the world and Italy through different kinds of music – Italian, jazz, songwriters – all of which which have traced the path of our musical history.

Entertainment for Expo 2015 Events
By playing with sounds we can create a series of links between music and tastings of food and good wines, which will lead you gently through the emotions of melodies and harmonies. Entertainment for Expo 2015 events that becomes a sort of “marriage” between musicians and guests, mirroring the deepest meaning of music: playing, tasting, sharing, participating.

Entertainment for Expo 2015 Events cantante expo 2015 Watch the music listen to fashion italian luxury experience







Entertainment for Expo 2015 Events 2 Cantante expo 2015 wine & music italian luxury experience











Entertainment for Expo 2015 Events - Cantante expo 2015 Music & Food: A Fine Italian Selection an italian luxury experience












The main aim of Expo 2015 entertainment is to offer new creative and amusing ideas, to create for companies and
factories opportunities to meet through live entertainment, and to propose new ideas aimed at the promotion of
Italian art, music, shows and performances, thus creating emotions for the ones who are playing and the ones who
are listening.

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Discover all the musical proposals for your special Event!