Italian Wedding Singer: Valentina Mey for your special party in Italy!

ITALIAN WEDDING SINGER  : Valentina Mey for you special party!



The music at a wedding is responsible for setting the atmosphere and the style of the party.

italian wedding singer

For a long time I have been dealing with musical entertainment for luxury events.

In recent years I have received more and more requests from foreign customers interested in the music service for weddings in Italy.

Choose an italian Wedding Singer is a detail to which we must pay close attention.  What’s more, I believe the couple should be free not only to choose the combination and style of music and musicians they want for their event, but have full say over the choice of style of party itself!

The Italian Wedding Singer must be able to propose an elegant entertainment sober and discreet tothe welcome cocktail and must be able to involve your guests in the second part of the evening with a fresh and engaging repertoire in order to create the real party!

italian wedding singer


Versatility is the watchword in order to accompany!


To achieve this I always have excellent collaborators, ready to offer their creativity and professionalism,  in order to meet the most varied musical requests: from Italian to international music, from R&B to jazz, dance music and softer lounge music, Pop Set or Dj set lounge, dance & deephouse.


The Italian Wedding Singer can provide a tailored service to play whatever you want, when you want throughout your wedding day in a perfect Italian style!

 I specialise in wedding reception drinks, wedding parties and private luxury parties. 

My  style is perfect to entertain your guests  as they mingle and ease them selves into your special day. I play a selection of songs to suit everyone!


A small Italian luxury living for selected guests, a Italian Wedding singer to live a little unforgettable dream … !

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