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Italian wedding singer, reception music details


Scopri tutte le proposte musicali per il tuo Evento!

Italian wedding singer

reception music details

To choose the right Italian wedding singer for you, you must close your eyes and imagine your special day …

Style, place and atmosphere …

To get the most out of your choice, the ideal is to choose a versatile Italian wedding singer, able to accompany you during all phases of the reception.

Following the Italian style does not mean having a musical program all in Italian but it means giving importance to every moment of the party with elegance and a touch of glam

During cocktails, relaxing and soft atmospheres to enjoy the beauty of the chosen location … Jazz, swing, lounge, jazz, soulful and refined pop covers are the recommended genres.

Your italian wedding singer must know how to change style based on the moments.


To make your guests feel more Italian, think of a moment MUSIC DINNER SHOW with Italian songs. I love this little Italian haute couture show that helps create the show and the magic you want. Imagine the female duo voice and violin, on transparent cubes dressed with drapes over 4 meters …

After dinner an important moment: the cutting of the cake and even here your Italian bride singer know how to interpret your heart song with intensity.

After the cake we start with the party and your wedding singer will be able to entertain spouses and guests involving everyone in the dances, then it will be the perfect choice!!

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The Italian experience 

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Scopri tutte le proposte musicali per il tuo Evento!