Wedding music in Italy… A real Dream!

Wedding Music in Italy…what a dream!music wedding italy


Imagine a wedding in Italy…on the lake shores in Como in historic buildings, on the Lake of Garda, in the hills of Tuscany, in Montferrat in a castle surrounded by the beauties of nature, or maybe in wonderful cities rich in history and astonishing glimpses like…Florence, Venice, Rome!

For most couples coming from all over the world, celebrating a WEDDING IN ITALY is actually a big dream, an unforgettable experience, something special to share with their family and friends.

Wedding Music in Italy is an essential factor to accompany the ceremony & party you will remember all life long. The repertoire selected for the ceremony and the party will create the right atmosphere for any moment of your special day.

wedding music italy - singer valentina mey



I am able to plan your own musical repertoire with style and elegance, for your WEDDING IN ITALY, in quality of MUSIC PLANNER to help you chose the right wedding soundtrack which matches the great typical italian wedding style.

Every wedding party in Italy is a unique event, tailored to give you and your guests unforgettable moments and emotions!


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