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WEDDING MUSIC in italy – An essential detail for your special day

WEDDING MUSIC in italy – An essential detail for your special day

WEDDING MUSIC in italy – An essential detail for your special day

Wedding music is an essential detail for your special day.

Your wedding is too important to leave music to chance, so choose carefully your wedding music.

It’s important to find the balance between elegance, discretion and a touch of glamour.

The main goal is to entertain your special guests by making the most of the wonderful place you choose to get married in, because let’s face it, you choose the best place in the world, you choose Italy!

Italy is a fantastic country where style, culture, romantic views, natural beauties, mild climate and the best food you can ever taste are at home. These are some of the ingredients that drive a huge number of foreign couples to get married in Italy.

Wedding music will set the tone for your whole day and it must be in sync with the architectural and natural beauties that inspired you!

It is therefore crucial the choice of a theme that can emphasize all this in order to become an unforgettable day and an an unique experience for you and for your guests.

Italian style and savoir faire are recognized all over the world and it is our “duty” to prove ourselves up to the expectations of our international guests.

Today I choose for you two musical proposals that I recommended during the last wedding season.


Music for a wedding on the shores of Lake Como.

A lavish and precious venue in a romantic and enchanted setting…


My musical proposal: Duet – Female Voice and Violin.

The lightness and elegance of the bowed string instrument emphasize the importance of the villa with all its history and beauty reflected in this Italian corner of paradise. The sweetness of the voice and the musical choice in between tradition and modernity create the harmony and the right vibrations conferring that romantic atmosphere the bride and groom wanted to recreate. The lyrical guest added another spark of traditional color during dinner. After the cutting of the cake we started to dance with the disco live music. Claudia and Hugh’s wedding, A Wedding to Remember!


Music for a wedding in Liguria, old world charm villages and blue sea.

Portofino, Santa Margherita, San Fruttuoso are coastal villages offering sophisticated views and unforgettable sights, world-known for their authentic beauty: turquoise waves crashing on the beach accompany Tom & Mary at the entrance of the ceremony that will take place in a small beach chosen for the celebration. The sax notes emphasize the magic atmosphere of sunset over the sea.

For this wedding I choose a small trio: voice, piano and Sax and an international repertoire creating a sensual and enchanting atmospheres. For example: Sade, Anita Baker, Norah Jones songs and refined reinterpretations in lounge and chillout tones of the most popular pop songs.

While enjoying the sorbets, an authentic Italian retro swing musical proposal reminded all guests that genial and always classy Italian touch.

And how do you fantasize about your wedding? Which wedding music will you choose to express your emotions!

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