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Wedding Music in Portofino : Live band for your special day in Liguria

Wedding Music in Portofino : Live band for your special day in Liguria



Music for a wedding in Liguria, old world charm villages and blue sea

Portofino, Santa Margherita, San Fruttuoso are coastal villages offering sophisticated views and unforgettable sights, world-known for their authentic beauty: turquoise waves crashing on the beach accompany Tom & Mary at the entrance of the ceremony that will take place in a small beach chosen for the celebration.

The sax notes emphasize the magic atmosphere of sunset over the sea.


For this wedding I choose a small trio: voice, piano and Sax and an international repertoire creating a sensual and enchanting atmospheres.


For example: Sade, Anita Baker, Norah Jones songs and refined reinterpretations in lounge and chillout tones of the most popular pop songs.

While enjoying the sorbets, an authentic Italian retro swing musical proposal reminded all guests that genial and always classy Italian touch.

After dinner we change the set, dresses and mood … We started the real PARTY!!!!

Wedding Music in Portofino… GLAMOUR and FUN Trio!

And how do you fantasize about your wedding in Liguria?

Which wedding music will you choose to express your emotions??

Call me and tell me what you think bout your special day !


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