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Wedding Music in Italy: a crucial detail!

Wedding Music in Italy: a crucial detail!

wedding music in  Italy is  an essential and it must be carefully planned step by step…


The Music for wedding must be made to measure, like the ceremony dresses you will wear!

The music for wedding in Italy is a crucial detail in order to fully wrap you and your guests in an elegant and cozy atmosphere of Italy

The music for wedding in Italy is a service that must be understood and well plannedaccording to your own personal taste and requests, remembering that there may be people of all ages, who must have the possibility to enjoy the atmosphere during the wedding party.


Different types of music (jazz, pop, easy-listening) formation and repertoire are going to be the key things that will give the music its role, so that your wedding soundtrack can be the one you like the most.

music for wedding party in Italy sax- www.valentinamey.com

Duo, trio, quartet..every formation will fulfill your requests with elegance, discretion and competence while close attention is paid to every detail, but above all “VERSATILITY”, adapting the sound to every moment of your event (WELCOME COCKTAIL, DINNER, DANCE SET).

The music for wedding in Italy must be received with elegance your guests, to know how to emphasize the important moments, enhance the beauty of our country and to entertain the bride and groom and their loved ones!



music for wedding party in Italy 2 - maggiore lake Valeantina MEy singer

In accordance with your wishes, music for your “SPECIAL MOMENTS” of the day will be planned: (arrival of the couple, cake cutting, first dance).

A good balance between your wedding soundtrack and the attention paid for every guest will make your Wedding in Italy something absolutely unforgettable!

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wedding music in Italy .. a detail not to be overlooked!

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