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Italian wedding at Castadiva Como: The true italian style!

Italian wedding at  Castadiva Como: The true italian style!

Italian Wedding at Castadiva Como3

Receptions and symbolic ceremonies can be set up near the picturesque open spaces or in the elegant interiors … music, crucial detail, will help to create the elegant and breathe Italian flavors.Only pictures can tell a very exclusive place for a lucky few chosen …

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Me and my staff can offer the music service tailored to each occasion!!




CastaDiva Resort & Spa and the nineteenth-century Villa Roquebrune, and its halls with names inspired by the world of opera, are the perfect setting for an event on Lake Como.


To dream events and for an italian wedding at Castadiva Como not enough the right music and a breathtaking setting … but a true creative director who knows how to build a true story around your guests, that respects each individual environment and the location of the … create the magic that will make it all …. Unforgettable!

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Italian wedding at  Castadiva Como: The true italian style!

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